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I help small business owners feel EMPOWERED about their finances through a SIMPLE process designed to pay as little taxes as possible while setting small businesses up for financial success!


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It’s time to hire a Chief Financial Officer

Is it time to hire a Chief Financial Officer for your business who can keep your finances organized and in order, take the pain out of tax guesswork and help you save LOTS of $$$ every year? Take your tax strategy to the next level with this experience! Through this experience, I will develop a strategic financial plan that is aligned with your business goals and will result in thousands of dollars saved in tax – year after year.

My 20+ years of experience in financial planning, budgeting and analysis for mid sized to large Fortune 500 companies has allowed me to help small business owners set their businesses to THRIVE financially. And now, I want to help you do the same for your business!

“I ’m on a mission to empower business owners to embrace their rollercoaster business journey with their hands firmly on the steering wheel and both eyes wide open!”

The Thrive Experience

The perfect plan for your business…

Pricing starts at $2,400 per month

Gain VIP access to a tax advisor who maps out a custom profit plan and tax strategy for your business. I will determine how you can reduce what your business owes in taxes and what financial strategies you can implement to meet your business revenue goals. We will partner together to make stressing about taxes a thing of the past and save you thousands of dollars each year.


Tax strategy planning and advice


Tax preparation (business and personal)


Quarterly reviews & check-in meetings


Video, Phone, Email & Chat Support


Access to an exclusive client portal


Helpful tools including templates and video trainings


Tax Deadline Reminders


IRS Tax Account Monitoring


Financial strategy designed to meet your business goals

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Click "Apply Now" and create an account through my secure client portal. Please answer the question "{REQUIRED} Are you interested in working with us?" by checking the box next to "Yes."

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After creating an account, my Client Application will immediately be sent to your email. Please open the email and follow the directions. The Client Application will help me collect helpful information about you and your business so I can best determine your next steps to tax savings!

Schedule a call

Once the client application is complete, I'll receive a notification and review the information you provided. If I think my services are a good fit for you and your business, I'll send you my booking link so we can schedule a time for a Coffee Chat to discuss how we can work together.


Based on your business goals and needs that we identified during the call, I’ll put together a quote for you.

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Meet Your Tax Strategist & CPA

Jhoslen Muniz

I’m so excited to meet you and develop the financial plan that best fits your small business. Working with me will be an experience like none other you’ve had with a CPA. For starters, you get to take phone calls, video calls and review any of your financial documents from the comfort of your own home or office. This makes it convenient and simple for you to stay in the know about your finances and taxes. But I also take it a step further. I will take a deep dive into the financial landscape of your business to see what opportunities you may have previously missed out on. This proactive approach helps set you and your business up for financial success so you can earn more money and keep more money!

Why should you work with me? I’m glad you asked!

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Professional Tax Strategist

MBA and a Masters in Public Accounting

The Thrive experience


Tax Strategy and Advice

I will evaluate your overall tax profile and recommend tax-saving strategies to help your business save on taxes each year. I will also advise you on strategies that will help reduce your overall tax liability.

Tax Preparation

I will prepare your personal and business taxes and ensure they meet the tax deadlines

Quarterly Check-in Meetings

We will meet via Zoom each quarter to review the estimated tax projections for your business, for me to answer any questions you may have about quarterly tax payments, and to ensure you are on track to save on your taxes.

Video, Phone, Email & Chat Support

Gain concierge-style communication with easy access to me via video calls, phone calls and email. You also have the option of chatting with me through your client portal anytime you have questions regarding your taxes.

Client Portal Access

Gain access to an exclusive client portal where all of your important tax information is saved and easily accessible at any time.

Client Resources

I will provide you with helpful tools to keep your tax strategy on-track including templates and video trainings

Tax Deadline Reminders

We will send you reminders of upcoming tax deadlines to make sure you stay on track throughout the year.

IRS Tax Account Monitoring

I will be proactive and monitor any notices on your account from the IRS that may arise

Financial Strategy

We will discuss your unique business financial strategy on a call. During the call, I will develop a unique strategy designed to meet your tax saving and business revenue goals. We will also discuss how to budget your finances and manage your cash flow.

Want to keep more of the money your business earns?

Let me show you how to unlock real tax savings!